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F-16 The Sky's Over Arkansas, thanks to D Walker for these photos The # 3 & 4 photos were taken from a video tape


Photos taken in 1977 on the USS Midway by Isaac N Newkerk AME1 U.S.N. RET.


ARK_RYL_AD_LNDG3-a.JPG (45272 bytes)

This is one of my photos taken aboard the HMS "ARK ROYAL" in the mid '50's showing an US Navy AD landing aboard the Ark Royal.  This was part of an "Operation Cross Deck" where US Navy a/c landed aboard the Ark. and the British Navy aircraft landed aboard the 

U S S "Saratoga". I want to thank Mr. Jim Trent for sharing this Photo.


B-1B Bomber taken at an air show 2002. Thanks to Gregg Stansbery for sharing this Photo.



A few photos taken by my sister Judy at Barksdale AFB 2007



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