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The Carrier is designed to carry aircraft and to permit takeoff and landing of planes. The carrier's distinctive features are a flat upper deck (flight deck) that functions as a take off and landing field, and a main deck (hangar deck) beneath the flight deck for storing and servicing the aircraft. Carrier aviation is not the same as flying in the Air Force. Small decks and the swirl of jets and prop is dangerous and almost unreal. Its not enough that the carrier is steaming away from you and rocking back forth while you try to land your aircraft, on a deck that could be cold, wet, slippery steel. The naval aviation is the most demanding flight environment in the world.



More U. S. Carries Photos By Mike Boshuizen



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F-14 Tomcat

A-7 Corsair II


T-45 Goshowk

A-6E Intruder

F-18 Hornet

A3D Skywarrior

EA-6B Prowler

F-4 Phantom

AV-8B Harrier

E-2C Hawkeye

F-8 Crusader

Mixed Photos

Night Flight Deck






SH-60 Sea Hawk

MH-53E Sea Dragon

AH-1W Super Cobra

V-22 Photos

CH-46 Sea Knight






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