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The XP-54 Swoose Goose, Vultee Model 70, was designed as a fast interceptor using the Pratt & Whitney X-1800-4AG engine. When the engine program was canceled, the aircraft was redesigned for the Lycoming XH-2470 and redesignated Vultee Model 84. The first of two XP-54s built made its initial flight on Jan. 15, 1943, and flew 86 times before it was grounded by engine problems. The second aircraft flew only once. Reasons for a plane's failure to make the grade are numerous and varied. Perhaps the new ship is of inferior performance, below the expectations of the designers. Possibly it is possessed of unstable flight characteristics, spins too viciously, or is abnormally dangerous. Occasionally an otherwise satisfactory type is plagued by grief brought about by a troublesome engine or faulty accessories. Many times volume construction or cost difficulties doom the ship to oblivion. On the other hand the design may be entirely satisfactory but is shelved because its small margin of superiority over existing types makes reconversion impractical.




Description Specifications
Manufacturer: Vultee Aircraft Company Length: 54 ft 9 in.
First Flight: 01-15-1943 Height: 14 ft 6 in.
Model: XP-54 Wing Span:
Crew: One Wing Area:
Nickname: Empty Weight:  15,262 lb.
Basic Role: Fighter Max. Weight: 18,233 lb.
Other Versions: Armament: 2 37 mm T-12/T-13 cannon,.2 50 cal M2 Browning machine guns
Principal User:



Power Plant: Lycoming XH-2470-1 liquid-cooled piston engine.
Range: 500 mi. Horsepower: 2,300 shp'
Max. Speed: 381 mph at 28,500 ft. No. Of Engines: 1
Ceiling: 37,000 ft.  
Climb Rate: 2,300 ft/min. Photo By: Unknown



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