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XC-142 is a tiltwing experimental aircraft designed to investigate the operational suitability of vertical/short takeoff and landing transports. An XC-142A first flew conventionally on 29 September 1964, and on 11 January 1965, it completed its first transitional flight by taking off vertically, changing to forward flight and finally landing vertically. Its participants pulled out of the program one-by-one and it eventually ended due to a lack of interest after demonstrating its capabilities successfully.  Number built were 5.




Description Specifications
Manufacturer: Ling-Temco-Vought Length: 58 ft. 1 in.
First Flight: 09-29-1964 Height: 26 ft. 1 in.
Model: Wing Span: 67 ft. 6 in.
Crew: Two Wing Area: 534.5 sq ft.
Nickname: Empty Weight:  22,595 lb.
Basic Role: Transport Max. Weight:
Other Versions: Capacity: 32 fully equipped troops or 24 litter patients and four attendants.
Principal User: NASA



Power Plant: General Electric T64-GE-1
Range: 3,800 miles Horsepower: 2,850 hp
Max. Speed: 431 mph. at 20,000 ft. No. Of Engines: 4
Ceiling: 25,000 ft.  
Climb Rate: 6,800 ft. per min Photo By: Unknown



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