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As its Fh Phantom promised to be a modest success (notably in prodding US Navy and the US Marine Corps squadrons with invaluable experience in the operation of carrier borne jet fighters), McDonnell was asked early in 1945 to provide a successor with more effective combat capability. The company designed a larger and more refined version of the Phantom with folding wings, greater fuel capacity in a longer fuselage, and considerably more powerful engines. This first flew in January 1947 as the XF2H-1 prototype, and proved so superior to the FH in every respect  that orders eventually totaled 892. The F2H-1 entered service in August 1948, and the Banshee was very important to the navy as an escort fighter at the beginning of the Korean War (1950-53). By the end of the conflict newer fighters had appeared, but the Banshee remained in service after that as a reconnaissance aircraft. The type then passed to reserve service and did not finally disappear until the mid 1960s.




Description Specifications
Manufacturer: McDonnell Length: 48 ft. 2 in.
First Flight: January 1947 Height: 14 ft. 6 in.
Model: 3 Wing Span: 41 ft. 9 in.
Crew: One Wing Area: 294.0 sq. ft.
Nickname: Banshee Empty Weight: 13,183 lb. 
Basic Role: Carrier borne interceptor. Max. Weight: 25,214 lb.
Other Versions: F2H-1 the initial model with 3,000-lb thrust J34-WE-22 turbojet. F2h-2 with lengthened fuselage, wing tip fuel tanks and 3,250-lb thrust J34-WE-34s.\ F2H-2B fighter bomber. F2H-2N night fighter. F2H-2P reconnaissance aircraft. F2H-3 all weather fighter bomber with APQ-41 nose radar in a lengthened fuselage.
F2H-4 the definitive model with  3,600-lb thrust j34-WE-38s and APG-37 radar.
Armament: Four 20-mm cannon, and up to 1,000 lb. of bombs.
Principal User: Canada, USA.



Power Plant: Westinghouse J34-WE-34 turbojets.
Range: 1,170 miles. Horsepower: 3,250-lb thrust.
Max. Speed: 580 mph. at sea level. No. Of Engines: Two  
Ceiling: 46,600 ft.  
Climb Rate: 9,000 ft. per minute. Photo By Coll B. Thouanel



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