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The Douglas Y1B-7 was a 1930s United States bomber aircraft. It was the first US monoplane given the B- 'bomber' designation. The monoplane was more practical and less expensive than the biplane, and the United States Army Air Corps chose to experiment with monoplanes for this reason. At the time the XB-7 was ordered, it was being tested by Douglas Aircraft as an observational plane. 



Description Specifications
Manufacturer: Douglas Length: 45 ft. 11 in.
First Flight: Height: 11 ft. 7 in.
Model: Wing Span: 65. ft 0 in.
Crew: 4 Wing Area: 621.2 ft.
Nickname: Empty Weight:  5,519 lb.
Basic Role: Bomber Max. Weight:  9,953 lb.
Other Versions: Armament: 2 .30 in  maching guns 1,200 lb (544 kg) bombs carried beneath fuselage machine guns.
Principal User: United States Army Air Corps



Power Plant:  Curtiss V-1570-53 "Conqueror" liquid-cooled V12 engines
Range: 411 miles Horsepower: 2 , 675 hp.
Max. Speed: 182 mph. No. Of Engines: 2
Ceiling:  20,400 ft.  
Climb Rate:  



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