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Boeing's privately funded model 367-80 prototype can rightly claim to have been one of the most important single aircraft in history, for it was the precursor of the civil model 707 airliner, and of the military model 717 in-flight refueling tanker (KC-135 Stratotanker). The model 707 has a fuselage 16 in. wider than the model 717, with windows and options of greater length, and some sales were therefore made to the military. Two other aircraft Model 707-353Bs, were bought in 1962 and 1972 with the designation VC-137C as presidential transport known as "Air Force One". Several other ex-airline Model 707s are used by other air force. 




Description Specifications
Manufacturer: Boeing Length: 152 ft. 11 in. 
Delivered In: 1957 Height: 42 ft. 5 in. 
Model: C Wing Span: 145 ft. 9 in. 
Crew: Four  Wing Area: 3,010.0 sq. ft. 
Nickname:  Empty Weight: 327,000 lb. 
Basic Role: VIP transport.  Max. Weight: 
Other Versions: VC-137A: turbojet powered VIP transport, VC-137B: Conversion to turbofan power, VC-137C: presidential transport Armament: 
Principal User: U. S. A.



Power Plant: Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-5 turbofans.  
Range: 7,610 mile.  Horsepower: 18,000-lb thrust.
Max. Speed: 627 mph.  No. Of Engines: Four  
Ceiling: 39,000 ft.   
Climb Rate: 4,000 ft. per minute.  Photo Coil B. Thouanel



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