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 The B-52 was planned as a high altitude bomber and flew in April 1952. Production ended in 1962 after the delivery of 744 aircraft. Other than the current B-52G and B-52H models, the variant that saw the greatest service was the B-52D used as a conventional bomber in the Vietnam War.


Description Specifications
Manufacturer: Boeing Length: 160 ft. 11 in.
First Flight: April 1952 Height: 40 ft. 8 in.
Model: B-52H Wing Span: 185 ft. 0 in.
Crew: Six Wing Area: 4,000.0 sq. ft.
Nickname: Stratofortress Empty Weight: 
Basic Role: Long range strategic heavy bomber. Max. Weight: 488,000 lb.
Other Versions: B-2B and B-52C (essentially pre production models built in small numbers for evaluation and reconnaissance), B-52D (Tail armament of four 0.5-in/12.7 mm machine guns), B-52E (more advanced nav/attack system), B-52F (increased power), B-52G (definitive turbojet powered model with integral wing tanks, remotely controlled tail guns under a shorter fin/rudder, and provision for two AMG-28 Hound Dog) and B-52H (last model withy many improvement including a new tail gun. Armament: One 20-mm multi-barrel cannon and up to 20 AGM-69 SRAM or AGM-86 missiles, or free fall bombs.
Principal User: U. S. A.



Power Plant: Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-3 turbofans.
Range: 10,000 miles. Horsepower: 17,000 lb. thrust.
Max. Speed: 595 mph. No. Of Engines: Eight
Ceiling: 55,000 ft.


Climb Rate; 

Photo by Ted Taylor

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