U. S. Air Force Thunderbirds

F-4E Phantom
1969 To 1973

 Thunderbirds F-4E  Photos




Huns - Group shot, taxi and final pass at Nellis AFB, NV, on 28 February 1969. The F-100Ds (and 1 F-100F) led by Leader (Lt Col Joe Moore), Mack Angel (Left Wing), Doyle Ruff (Right Wing), Stan Musser (Slot - outside right) and Mike Kerby (Solo - outside left flying the F-100F with Capt Tom Gibbs in the rear seat) head to McClellan AFB, California, where the planes will be demodified and returned to regular AF units. The Thunderbirds F-100C/D era comes to an end after 13 years of flying them. The Team now transitions to the F-4E Phantoms.